Frauenschuh perfect clothing for every occasion


If you are looking for garments that you can wear on informal occasions, but at the same time are exclusive, the Frauenschuh brand has what you need. Thanks to their versatility, you can wear Frauenschuh clothing both in urban settings and when you're at high altitudes. If you need to match your look with footwear as well, take a look at the Monpiz shoes, perfect in any situation.

If you want to know more about the product range of the Austrian brand Frauenschuh, visit the Lagazoi shop.

  • Tracy-QL Vest W Tracy-QL Vest W


    Tracy-QL Vest W

    Frauenschuh Tracy-QL Vest.The vest is perfect for outdoor activities. The quilt soft with a classic diamond pattern consists of ultra-light, finest nylon and is quilted in two layers with a 40 gram...

    €359,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €295,00 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • NoemiMulti-SR W NoemiMulti-SR W


    NoemiMulti-SR W

    Frauenschuh NoemiMulti-SR Jacket.  On the slopes, the ski jacket fulfills all wishes thanks to a combination of the elastic, functional material with softshell parts on the sides of the torso and...

    €1 299,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €1 065,49 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • Madison-S W Madison-S W


    Madison-S W

    Frauenschuh Madison-S Ski Pants women.

    €1 099,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €901,56 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • LiaMulti-SR W LiaMulti-SR W


    LiaMulti-SR W

    Frauenschuh LiaMulti-SR Ski Jacket. This ski jacket provides with its elegant shine even in not so sunnywinter weather for a glow on the slopes. The Shiny Ripstop material is breathable, water- and...

    €1 249,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €1 024,51 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • Kendall-P3L W Kendall-P3L W


    Kendall-P3L W

    Frauenschuh Kendall-P3L Ski Pants.The surface is connected to the technical membrane and the lining. The seams are welded waterproof. The edge protection made of Alcanatara leather, the zips that...

    €999,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €819,59 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • KathiMulti-KA W KathiMulti-KA W


    KathiMulti-KA W

    Frauenschuh KathiMulti-KA beanie. A winter hat made of the finest cashmere. It’s so soft, you won’t want to take it off. FEATURES Knitted hat made of 100% cashmere Soft like silk Bi-colour look

    €329,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €270,41 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • Gwen-S W Gwen-S W


    Gwen-S W

    Frauenschuh Gwen-S Ski Suit.The ski overall for women fits close to the body and emphasizes the figure. The ski material, which can be stretched in all four directions, and the ergonomically shaped...

    €1 499,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €1 229,43 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • Chatel-ME W Chatel-ME W


    Chatel-ME W

    Frauenschuh Chatel-ME sweater women.You can wear the winter sweater while skiing, but it also looks great in everyday life. The highlight: the jacquard fine knit can be turned and worn on both sides...

    €599,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €491,72 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • Cathy-PSW W Cathy-PSW W


    Cathy-PSW W

    Frauenschuh Cathy-PSW SportJacket.Experience the perfect blend of function and style with our Wool Powerstretch Jacket. Its slightly shorter cut and high cut collar exude contemporary charm. Enjoy a...

    €499,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €409,75 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • Camille-NP W Camille-NP W


    Camille-NP W

    Frauenschuh Camille-NP Undershirt.Discover true versatility with our convertible ski jacket. The collar can be folded down or worn with the zipper closed, transforming it intoa cozy turtleneck. The...

    €329,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €270,41 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • Belinda-CT W Belinda-CT W


    Belinda-CT W

    Frauenschuh Belinda-CT Teddy Fleecesweater.Luxuriate in the comfort of our cashmere teddy jumper. With its loose fit and incredibly soft texture, this jumper offers a truly opulent lookand feel. The...

    €459,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €376,97 (price excluding VAT and taxes)
  • Ayla-P3L W Ayla-P3L W


    Ayla-P3L W

    Frauenschuh Ayla-P3L Jacket.The Material Protection 3-Layer was originally developed for mountain guides. It is remarkably light, elastic, breathable, wind- and water-repellent. The indestructible...

    €1 199,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €983,52 (price excluding VAT and taxes)