Women's skiing mid layers

If you are looking for a trendy and comfortable second layer you are in the right place. Discover our collection of women's Ski Mid Layer brand such Toni Sailer, Bogner, Goldbergh Frauenschuh and many others.

  • Descente Grace T-Neck W


    Grace T-Neck W

    Descente Grace T-Neck W A classic, comfortable half zip T-neck in ECO Brushed Stretch with quilting features on the shoulder that give it a retro feel. This year it has been enhanced with taping insets on the shoulders.  

    €130,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €106,56 (Ex. taxes)
  • Descente Elliott T-Neck W


    Elliott T-Neck W

    Descente Elliott T-Neck W In Suede Stretch, which gives both a soft texture and a lush feel. A special brushing treatment ensures an allover evenness in the texture and a real suede-like touch. It has excellent anti-pilling properties and can be...

    €130,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €106,56 (Ex. taxes)
  • Sybilla Quilted Full Zip LS W Sybilla Quilted Full Zip LS W


    Sybilla Quilted Full Zip LS W

    Rewoolution Sybilla Quilted Full Zip LS women.This model of padded sweatshirt with full zip is an irreplaceable garment in terms of thermoregulation, thanks to the thermal padding in recycled polyester (100 gr/m2), covered in ultralight and PFC free.…

    €270,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €222,05 (Ex. taxes)
  • Pollux Half Zip LS W Pollux Half Zip LS W


    Pollux Half Zip LS W

    Rewoolution Pollux Half Zip LS Women.This sweatshirt has a high neck and is a new concept in Base layers. The model offers all the benefits of Reda Active® Pure fabric, featuring a pleasant 3D texture and is breathable in extreme conditions...

    €135,90 (Inc. taxes)
    €111,39 (Ex. taxes)
  • Chatel-ME W Chatel-ME W


    Chatel-ME W

    Frauenschuh Chatel-ME sweater women.You can wear the winter sweater while skiing, but it also looks great in everyday life. The highlight: the jacquard fine knit can be turned and worn on both sides. FEATURES Winter sweater for ski lovers Made of...

    €599,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €490,98 (Ex. taxes)
  • Cathy-PSW W Cathy-PSW W


    Cathy-PSW W

    Frauenschuh Cathy-PSW SportJacket.Experience the perfect blend of function and style with our Wool Powerstretch Jacket. Its slightly shorter cut and high cut collar exude contemporary charm. Enjoy a customisable fit with the adjustable waistband and.…

    €499,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €409,02 (Ex. taxes)
  • Camille-NP W Camille-NP W


    Camille-NP W

    Frauenschuh Camille-NP Undershirt.Discover true versatility with our convertible ski jacket. The collar can be folded down or worn with the zipper closed, transforming it intoa cozy turtleneck. The extra-long cut ensures that your undershirt stays...

    €329,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €269,67 (Ex. taxes)
  • Belinda-CT W Belinda-CT W


    Belinda-CT W

    Frauenschuh Belinda-CT Teddy Fleecesweater.Luxuriate in the comfort of our cashmere teddy jumper. With its loose fit and incredibly soft texture, this jumper offers a truly opulent lookand feel. The exquisite blend of cashmere wool provides exception…

    €459,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €376,23 (Ex. taxes)
  • Aileen-WS W Aileen-WS W


    Aileen-WS W

    Frauenschuh Aileen-WS Knit Sweater. Sweater with potential to become the favorite winter sweater 2023/24. The cashmere wool nestles delicately against the skin, the cut goes well with both pants and skirts, and the design is also convincing in detail…

    €999,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €818,85 (Ex. taxes)
  • Thermal Half Zip W Thermal Half Zip W


    Thermal Half Zip W

    Perfect Moment Thermal Half Zip women. A thermal base layer top is a true essential for any ski trip. Featuring a fitted design, moisture-wicking fabric, long sleeves, and a half-zip mock neck. This thermal base layer is elevated with our iconic logo…

    €230,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €188,52 (Ex. taxes)
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    Pumps Nylon Pumps Nylon


    Pumps Nylon

    Moon Boot Pumps Nylon. This contemporary take on the original Moon Boot ensures you'll have one foot in our world, one in another orbit. Crafted to a narrow, flexible silhouette, the...

    €155,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €127,05 (Ex. taxes)
    Light Low Nylon Light Low Nylon


    Light Low Nylon

    Moon Boot Light Low Nylon. This contemporary take on the original Moon Boot ensures you'll have one foot in our world, one in another orbit. Updated with a narrow silhouette and flexible design, the...

    €165,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €135,25 (Ex. taxes)
    LTrack Suede LTrack Suede


    LTrack Suede

    Moon Boot LTrack Suede. The stars align in the Ltrack; it combines moon-landing aesthetics with slick city style. Rendered in soft suede with a warm faux-shearling lining, this hybrid...

    €295,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €241,80 (Ex. taxes)
    LTrack High Nylon WP W LTrack High Nylon WP W


    LTrack High Nylon WP W

    Moon Boot LTrack High Nylon WP. From lunar craters to city streets, the Jtrack boots will tackle whatever terrain you choose to tread. The hybrid sneaker-boot design is rendered in puffy nylon...

    €225,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €184,43 (Ex. taxes)
    Icon Low Nylon Icon Low Nylon


    Icon Low Nylon

    Moon Boot Icon Low Nylon.  Neil Armstrong may have taken one small step for man, but the original Moon Boot took one giant leap for footwear. Inspired by the 1969 lunar landing, the low-top...

    €165,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €135,25 (Ex. taxes)
    Icon Low Glance W Icon Low Glance W


    Icon Low Glance W

    Moon Boot Icon Low Glance.  All that glitters is not gold... sometimes it’s a glossy satin Moon Boot. Inspired by the 1969 lunar landing, the Icon’s design riffs on high-technology...

    €185,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €151,64 (Ex. taxes)
    Icon Glitter W Icon Glitter W


    Icon Glitter W

    Moon Boot Icon Glitter. Neil Armstrong may have taken one small step for man, but the original Moon Boot took one giant leap for footwear. Inspired by the 1969 lunar landing, the inimitable...

    €275,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €225,41 (Ex. taxes)
    Icon Faux Fur W Icon Faux Fur W


    Icon Faux Fur W

    Moon Boot Icon Faux Fur.  A soft faux-fur upper and design elements inspired by the 1969 lunar landing, this plush take on the Icon blends references to life on Earth with those of another...

    €265,00 (Inc. taxes)
    €217,21 (Ex. taxes)