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Toni Sailer clothing, design and functionality

Ready to let your style shine on the slopes? Inside the Toni Sailer clothing collection, offered by Lagazoi, you'll find the best garments to tackle a day of skiing or enjoy relaxing moments at a mountain lodge. Fall in love with Toni Sailer's distinctive ski jackets and don't forget to check out Poc's ski helmets, essential for complete protection during all your adventures in the snow. 

Discover Toni Sailer's dedicated collection of skiwear and warm outerwear.

Toni Sailer ski jackets and pants guarantee excellence

Focusing on functionality and comfort, the Toni Sailer brand allows you to live your passion for sport and adventure to the fullest. Whether you're a pro or a novice ski lover, be won over by the mastery of design, expert use of materials, and attention to detail that characterize Toni Sailer skiwear. In fact, each garment is designed to give you an uncompromising experience, combining style with top-notch performance.  

Toni Sailer's iconic ski pants and ski jackets are recognizable by their sleek and sophisticated cut, providing you with maximum comfort, freedom of movement, and thermoregulation without neglecting aesthetics. These garments pay homage to the undisputed winter sports legend Toni Sailer, an expert alpine skier. 

Lagazoi chooses the Toni Sailer brand for its cutting-edge technical fabrics

This is why Lagazoi relies on Toni Sailer skiwear: 


  • balance between innovation and aesthetics;

  • use of high-quality materials, such as state-of-the-art technical fabrics and thermal insulation;

  • optimal comfort even in the most adverse weather conditions and coldest days;

  • durability and functionality.

These elements reflect Toni Sailer's and Lagazoi's dedication to ensuring an extraordinary experience for every winter sports enthusiast and elegance. Get in touch with the world of Toni Sailer, too, and be surprised by the high quality standards.

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