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Children's cycling clothing

Take your child with you on a ride on his new bike or watch him whiz through his first races. If you have to buy cycling clothing for your child, choose the best comfort and quality clothing offered by Lagazoi. Add to your child's outdoor clothing also all the accessories for biking.On Lagazoi's site you will find only the most renowned brands in cycling: discover all the offers for gloves, jerseys and shorts for your child. Shop now for the model you prefer.

Cycling clothing: the best clothes for your child at Lagazoi

In addition to an adult, it is also crucial for a child to be equipped in the right way so that the little one at home is always safe. It is not just a matter of performance, but more a matter of letting the child experience pedaling freely and having fun on the bike.

So whether it's for a simple jaunt out of town or a race, whether your child has just started enduro or urban riding, don't worry, there are cycling garments tailored just for him. 

Some of these, however, are common to all cycling activities and levels. First is the breathable T-shirt: whether you are cycling along a bike path or through the hills, this allows your child to sweat without getting wet and then sick. On the other hand, when it's colder, thin gloves are a must-have, because they retain heat, but thanks to the silicone palms, they help get a firm, secure grip on the handlebars.

Don't overlook the importance of having clothing that fits the needs of the little one at home-discover all the models of mittens, shorts and T-shirts available on Lagazoi's website.  

Choose safe and comfortable children's bike clothing

Discover the best children's cycling clothing brands on the market. Lagazoi offers only quality garments to provide maximum comfort and safety.

Ion and 100 percent are two great companies that have been producing children's bike clothing for years and are committed to creating cutting-edge garments, from the fabric is comfortable, able to respect your child's skin, and with a design that allows them to be used for any activity: Enduro, Park, Urban Riding and many more.

Complete your child's cycling apparel with items available at Lagazoi.

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