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Frauenschuh perfect clothing for every occasion

If you are looking for garments that you can wear on informal occasions, but at the same time are exclusive, the Frauenschuh brand has what you need. Thanks to their versatility, you can wear Frauenschuh clothing both in urban settings and when you're at high altitudes. If you need to match your look with footwear as well, take a look at the Monpiz shoes, perfect in any situation.

If you want to know more about the product range of the Austrian brand Frauenschuh, visit the Lagazoi shop.

Frauenschuh's clothing features

In the Frauenschuh brand collection, you'll find clothing with authentic and modern designs, ideal for meeting diverse needs during your days in high-altitude or in the city. The brand's attention to mountain activities, especially skiing, is reflected in the range of items offered, crafted with passion and artisanal care. In the shop, you can discover luxury ski wear, particularly suitable for those who desire a sophisticated look even in more relaxed settings.

Frauenschuh's environmental awareness materializes in the creation of sustainable garments, driven by a deep commitment to innovation and respect for our planet. The extraordinary durability, achieved through the use of premium fibers, transforms Frauenschuh's skiwear into an authentic gem that can be worn over and over again over the years.

The history of the Frauenschuh brand

Amidst the imposing peaks of Kitzbühel, a renowned skiing haven, unfolds the captivating story of the Austrian brand Frauenschuh. Kaspar Frauenschuh and his sister Theresia, guardians of a deep family passion for clothing and fashion, established a company that goes beyond mere sportswear production.

The year 1984 marks the beginning of a journey embarked upon with the bold vision of creating functional and high-quality garments. However, it is in 1997 that the story takes a significant turn with the launch of innovative fleece clothing. Lightweight, enveloping, and perfect for cold environments, these garments become a symbol of continuous evolution.

Frauenschuh is not just a brand but a story of commitment and constant innovation. Awards, including the prestigious Global + Style Award in 2005 and 2007, testify to the excellence of a brand that has redefined the standard for high-fashion sportswear.

The history of this Austrian brand has impressed Lagazoi, always attentive to the selection of brands to feature in its shop. Come and discover Frauenschuh clothing designed specifically for you. 

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