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Bogner clothing, for those who love the mountains

Let yourself be won over by the unique design of Bogner clothing, a benchmark for ski and outdoor sports enthusiasts for years. The German brand offers glamorous and contemporary sportswear, adding a touch of elegance to stay fashionable between one descent and the next.

In addition to having clothing that shelters you from the frigid temperatures, it is important to wear the right footwear: if you love skiing, try Nordica ski boots for comfort and protection throughout the day on the snow.

Passion and experience in Bogner's skiwear

What sets Bogner brand products apart is a thorough study that fully meets the needs of skiers and mountain lovers. Expand your wardrobe with the many winter items designed for you, such as Bogner ski pants, which have several features:

  • Fabric belt to give you quality and class;

  • Regular or high waist depending on your preference;

  • Clip or button and zipper closure; 

  • Zipper on the back; 

  • Comfort and modern style.

Also find Bogner ski jackets and Bogner ski suits so you won't miss a thing while practicing your favorite high-altitude sport. 

Choose those who know your needs well and offer you excellently crafted products. Visit the Lagazoi shop and discover all Bogner ski clothing.

The Bogner brand between history and modernity

With more than 90 years of experience behind it, the Bogner brand accompanies and meets the needs of skiers and lovers of mountain sports activities. The company was the brainchild of Willy Bogner but it is thanks to his wife that the success of the brand is due. Credit is given to her for giving a radical change to the entire winter sports clothing industry. In fact, she decided not only to make garments suitable for various disciplines, but wanted them to have a contemporary style while always using high-quality materials. 

The proposal of alternative outfits has always distinguished Bogner clothing, winning over many fans, to such an extent that particular pants made by the German company are called "Bogners," a term that has now become commonly used in the world of ski clothing.

Lagazoi cares about offering the best to its customers, which is why it chooses brands like Bogner, which are full of passion, expertise, and have in their DNA the desire to always take risks and come up with new garments. If you are looking forward to wearing products full of history and innovation, take a look at Lagazoi's shop.

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